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The Franchise PROFESSION real ESTATE

A system that makes all of winning, based on collaboration between consultants, the use of the most modern technologies and active training constant.

A model aimed at all those who aspire to success in the workplace but above all personal.

Our Franchise


The Trademark Profession of real Estate & Associated Consultants was founded in February of 2020 when the founder, Cherry, Carmine begins the planning for the development of a network of agencies of real estate brokerage in the suburbs of Brianza.


The idea was born with the aim to build a national network of real estate brokerage innovative and effective, form, and associating the future professionals of the real estate brokerage, consultants, highly qualified to offer excellent services to their customers and able to carry out professional consultancy services to 360° for individuals and companies that operate in the real estate sector, by introducing and developing the appropriate tools in a manner dedicated.


By relying on a Consultant to the Profession, the real Estate customer has a single point of contact that coordinates and manages the promotion of his real estate, working with both consultants to the Profession of the real Estate, with other agencies that are not part of the network.


Thanks to this system, the Consultant Profession real Estate is able to increase exponentially the number of potential customers, reducing the time of the sale


Tackle your work with great passion and dedication towards all that concerns him, are the characteristics that distinguish our Brand, but even more so are transparency and competence at the service of our customers.


Each Agency PROFESSION in real ESTATE is self-contained and independent, and each of his Consultant work as a freelancer, and without the constraints of the area.


The innovation introduced to the PROFESSION of real ESTATE is based on the formula of the studio associato and on the collaboration between professionals of the sector.


The spirit of the group and the synergies in the joint are our source of inspiration, which make possible the achievement of each goal.


The collaboration, the fundamental concept is an integral part of our model of real estate brokerage based on the interests of our clients, thus making our brand unique.


“The colleagues does not mean being rivals. ”



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